SPIIC Activities

Due to the prominence of the Vijayawada-Guntur urban region as the capital of the new state and the identification of the Nandigama region as the corridor for pharma and biotech industries, substantial business ventures are anticipated to be opened in this region.  The concept of an incubation facility is beneficial to both nurture new companies in the region and support the training (skill development) and gainful employment of college students. Such a concept has been successfully used to promote trade, development and education and is standard practice in many advanced countries.

For the first time in Andhra Pradesh, a Pharma Innovation and Incubation Centre (10,000 sq. ft) at KVSR Siddhartha College of Pharmaceutical Sciences is gearing up for opening ceremony under the management of Siddhartha Academy, Vijayawada.  A total of 1 crore rupees was spent to construct the Innovation centre equipped with air conditioned research labs, office and conference room spaces. Also, the incubatees will be provided with common work spaces like Air conditioned seminal hall and other basic amenities.  The major aim of this pharma innovation and incubation centre is to encourage the students and sciecntists with innovative ideas and develop these ideas into commercial products and bridging the gap between Industry and Academia. At the same time  support will be given to protect the ideas of the students and scientists as patents.

Similarly at the KVSR Siddhartha College of Pharmaceutical Sciences, several DST (Department of Science and Technology, Govt of India) sponsored international collaborative research projects were under progress. Under the guidance of Dr. Buchinaidu Nalluri, the institute is having collaborative research projects with Department of Chemical engineering, Loughbrough University, UK and Faculty of Pharmacy, University of Gdansk, Poland, for carrying research on newer drug delivery systems for treating different diseases to paediatric and geriatric patients. The research expertise of the college faculty will be helpful to incubatees at Innovation and Incubation Centre to make their innovative ideas a reality.

The Siddhartha Pharma Innovation Centre nurtures innovation, and encourages entrepreneurial talents among students, faculty and people of the region. It facilitates inter-disciplinary research and provides incubation facilities to start ups and budding entrepreneurs.

  1. Encourage students and faculty for innovation, idea generation and product development
  2. Provides seed fund to transform an idea into a product
  3. Arranges workshops for students and faculty in the field of entrepreneurship
  4. Help with the patenting process
  5. Aims to generate 2 patentable ideas every year
  6. Facilitates at least two innovative products that are socially relevant

Thrust Area

  1. Healthcare and Biotechnology
  2. Pharmaceuticals


  1. 5000 sq. ft. space
  2. State-of-the-art lab facility
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