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 Disciplinary Committee





Dr. V. Karunasree

Chair person


Dr. G. Ramanaiah



Dr. T. P. Rao



Disciplinary Committee:

  1. The college gives highest priority for discipline and every student should follow the institutional rules and maintain discipline on the campus.
  2. Student should attend the college in the specified uniform with an identity card with the expected etiquette.
  3. Students should not sit on the parapet walls or on the steps or on the staircases. They are prohibited from loitering on the verandah or on the campus at any time during college hours.
  4. Talking through window while class/lab is going on is not acceptable.
  5. In case of cancellation of any class the students should not gather in the verandah, which causes disturbance to other classes. Instead, they are supposed to go to library and utilize the time properly.
  6. Students shall conduct himself / herself in such a way to cause no disturbance to the working of the classes or to fellow students.
  7. Students found guilty of organizing, taking part in demonstrations, strikes etc., will be addressed severely.
  8. Scholarships and fee concessions will be stopped for students involved in any unethical issues.
  9. Students should not indulge in political or communal agitations.
  10. As members of the college community, students are expected to behave as responsible members and citizens within the campus and the society.
  11. Any student or group of students violating the rules of discipline will be dealt severely which may include expulsion from the college.
  12. The Management, Principal and the Disciplinary Committee reserve the right to delete, alter or amend rules of discipline from time to time. Students should bind by the rules in force at the time of their admission.
  13. Students are forbidden from using mobile phones on the campus. The mobile will be seized and returned only after completion of the course if a student is found using mobile phone.
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