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Examinations committee





Dr.Ch. Siva Reddy

Chair person


Dr. V. Rama Krishna



Mr. Ch. Nagabushanam



Mr. P. Ravindrababu



Dr. I. Madusudhana Reddy



Examinations Committee (Internal & External):

Instructions to Students

  1. Enter examination hall 10 minutes before the scheduled time.
  2. Students coming after the commencement of the examination will not be permitted to enter the examination hall or to write the exam.
  3. Occupy the assigned seats only.
  4. All the students must carry their college identity card and Hall Ticket (for university examinations) along with them. Without Identity card and Hall Ticket, no student will be permitted to enter the Exam Hall.
  5. Read all instructions carefully written on the answer book & complete all entries of the cover page carefully. It is the responsibility of the student to fill all the particulars in the answer-booklet correctly.
  6. Do not bring any other material, which may directly or indirectly amount to use of unfair means in the examination.
  7. Bring your own pen, pencil, eraser, general or scientific calculator (if permitted), scale & other materials required for the examination.
  8. Behave decently & cooperate with the invigilator(s) or members of squad in performing their duties.
  9. College/University search squad has all rights to thorough search before & in between the examination including clothes, socks & shoes etc.
  10. Murmuring or talking with fellow students comes under Unfaired malpractice rules.
  11. Do not write your name, request to examiner, and any mark of identity inside the answer book. If found, it amounts of using UFM.
  12. Serial Nos. of questions be written as given in the question paper while answering particular question.
  13. Calculation etc. can be done in the answer book itself. No separate sheet will be given for the same. The evaluator will not mark cancelled portion.
  14. Write on both sides of the answer book. No additional sheets will be provided for university examinations under any circumstances. Students are required to enter the correct answer booklet number against their name in the attendance sheet.
  15. No student shall loiter around stairs, verandah and in front of the Exam Hall, after the commencement of the examination.
  16. Students are not allowed to leave the Examination hall before half of the time is over.
  17. Malpractice is a serious offence and strict action will be taken against those indulging in the same.
  18. Writing anything on the desks or walls of the Exam Hall/Room is also considered as malpractice.
  19. Writing anything on the question paper except Name and Enrollment No. will also be treated as malpractice.
  20. Carrying programmable calculators, electronic gadgets, mobile phones, books or any other materials into the examination hall is also considered as malpractice.
  21. Any other activity hindering the smooth conduct of the exam will be dealt with as per College/University norms.


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